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Hhkb vs realforce r2
« on: Fri, 16 April 2021, 16:38:01 »
In the market for my first topre keyboard, which one should I get?, I prefer 60-80%keyboards

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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 16 April 2021, 19:46:33 »
I recently got the HHKB Pro Classic (though selling it to someone today) and I also tried a friendís old Realforce TKL (silenced 55g). here some quick observations based in my limited experience.

Pros for HKKB:
- Nice compact layout and case design
- Lightweight, very portable
- Detachable USB-C cable vs non-detachable on RF

Pros for Realforce R2 TKL:
- More tactility, 55g vs 45g on hhkb
- Dedicated arrow keys since it is TKL layout
- Feels more solid/hefty vs hhkb
- Silenced version cheaper than the silenced version of HHKB
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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #2 on: Sat, 24 April 2021, 00:05:19 »
The HHKB divides the house like few other keyboards: you love it or hate it, mostly depending on how you feel about the layout.  For me, the one thing I like about the HHKB is that the left control key is placed where God intended:  to the left of A, where it used to be on all computer keyboards.  But I have no interest in working on a keyboard without dedicated cursor movement keys (arrow, home/end, etc.).  With time and practice, I could probably adjust to using function key combinations, but why bother?  I wouldnít get an HHKB without typing on one and seeing how it works for you.  Personally, I love the RF (but I remap to get the layout I want). 
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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #3 on: Sat, 24 April 2021, 07:28:40 »
get HHKB silent.

ALTHOUGH,  Topre MuTron is the superior product.

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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #4 on: Sat, 24 April 2021, 07:35:25 »
went through the same dilemma when i was buying my first topre board, got the 87u 55g and using it since 2016, as a first board i think realforce is a safer bet as u may or may not like the smaller hhkb layout.
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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #5 on: Mon, 03 May 2021, 02:46:02 »
I have both. The R2 feels more solid. The HHKB feels very plastic. I still prefer the HHKB over the R2 because I like the 45g switches better than the 55g on my R2.
I would definitely recommend to either get the Type-S version. I don't have the S-Type, but I've lubed mine and used silencing rings from kbdfans.
It defnitely makes a difference. Pressing the keys feels alot smoother now and a little bit less plastic.

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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #6 on: Mon, 03 May 2021, 10:40:27 »
The HHKB is a wonderful keyboard...I prefer the non-silent.  Super solid feeling (it does not feel less solid than the R2), very relaxing sound...The issue you're going to have is the layout will take time to get used to....I think people can get used to the CTRL position easily (you possibly already do this today)...the backspace will take some time (whether you use the 1u backspace or move it to \) but not that hard.  The arrow keys will be the main killer and the reason why 95% of the people who move away from their HHKB, move away.  It takes time to get used to it, it is bit of a pain.  Once you do get used to using it, no problem.  For sure, give is a few months.  And practice moving back and forth between that and a normal keyboard..this will get you used to switching to a normal layout because switching back and forth is also one of those frustrating things early on.

IMO, the HHKB has higher highs....the sound is fantastic...but the R2, assuming you like Topre, you're going to like the'll be easy to use, it'll be easy to adjust to. 

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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #7 on: Mon, 03 May 2021, 19:24:13 »
Those two keyboards are different type of beasts.

1 layout
2 the mounting is way different

This is basically personal preferences. This is something you have to try for yourself or watch enough videos and make a decision from here.
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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #8 on: Mon, 03 May 2021, 21:08:40 »
Mutron is the only respectable Topre option.  But if you must slum it , hhkb.

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Re: Hhkb vs realforce r2
« Reply #9 on: Sat, 29 May 2021, 03:36:29 »
I have HHKB and RealForce 87U.  Both are great boards, no doubt the RealForce V2 is great too.

But they are different - HHKB is 60%, and although there are a few MX-style HHKB lookalikes, most 60% boards have a conventional TKL-like layout, just without function keys and navigation keys.

I have a Womer 60% keyboard, and the arrow keys are mapped over WASD, activated with the Fn key on the far right of the keyboard, thus requiring the use of 2 hands to use arrow keys.  The HHKB has arrow keys mapped on the right of the keyboard, same as the Fn key, so I find the HHKB layout far more useable.

HHKB is case-mounted, and all plastic, so it is very light with a corresponding light sound.  RealForce is plate-mounted, and thus feels and sounds much heavier.

Like many, you may end up getting both.

Good luck!
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