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SP-SA Carbon Round 2

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--- Quote from: Peppermint216 on Mon, 26 March 2018, 01:29:14 ---Got some round 2 warning signs from mm to pair with my round 1. Not sure if I read somewhere the orange was a different colour code, is that true?

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Unless your r1 was stored in a place that had no environmental influences at all (ie. sun, air, temp swings, moisture, etc.) your r1 will look slightly different - very different. Things age, that's just a fact.


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--- Quote from: dead_pixel_design on Fri, 23 March 2018, 21:46:13 ---Absolutely blown away by these. Just got finished making sure none of them were dups/damaged and couldn't be more excited to get these on a board!

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Here’s my board, care to share yours ?

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Very nice, I will try to get some good pictures and get one loaded up

If anyone got modifiers extension kit they don't need I'm interested. Missing that 1.75u to have a working board :(


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