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SP-SA Carbon Round 2

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--- Quote from: KnightDX on Tue, 30 May 2017, 15:58:57 ---Excitement is building! Was there a ETA on when it would ship on the MD page at all?

--- End quote ---

I'm sure there will be once it goes live tomorrow morning. Very curious to see how long the wait will be....

So much for saving money this month.......

First page hype bump, wallet ready to flip inside out.

I'm so utterly terrified to see the final cost of everything I'll want to buy tomorrow.  But this is my favorite SA set and what got me into looking at custom keycaps in the first place, so I at least know I won't have buyer's remorse later on.

Oh god... I'll be buying 8 different kits tomorrow, at least. RIP my wallet.


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