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Re: [IC] Infinikey Delight (Formerly Strawberry Mint Chip)
« Reply #50 on: Mon, 11 January 2021, 20:21:13 »
This is where the lack of proper documentation really hurts people. This seems like at least a half honest IC where the intention was made clear that they only wanted feedback on colors and color combination. And yes, I agree that the term IC has evolved, but where on this site is this documented? I made the same mistake when doing my first IC on here as well and, somehow avoided the flame, but definitely deserved it considering it was just KLE's and HEX colors lol. OP if you would like help developing this set, you can reach out to me and I will give you some documentation that I have been working on regarding developing and designing in the keyboard community. I think it could be very beneficial and I don't want people to lose interest in their own set because they are unsure about what to do and how to go about it in the current climate of the hobby. You have clearly responded to the criticism by adding the suggested materials that this was lacking and just need a roadmap on how to polish your ideas. Let me know if you need help.

 I would agree with this as I've seen way too many people new to the hobby get toxically flamed for wanting feedback on a colorway and idea. As a newcomer, there's nothing on this site that ever says what an IC is and what it needs to be by any sort of moderation. The only moderation is other users of this site flaming new people for not understanding what is expected of them. You can say all you want that they should be looking up other IC posts, but people seem to like to take that position of power and condescendingly look down on people for simply wanting feedback. Maybe sometimes they don't have access to a discord server or have a large group of people to ask, and if thye ask on subreddits they may not get any views at all.

Literally, all this site needs is to have a vetting period where some IC's are not up to par and get denied, or maybe just a different normalized tag, such as Pre-IC, that encompasses simply wanting feedback on things like colorways and potential similarities to other sets. Which is another thing, you can never expect a newcomer to know every single past set and colorway that's been run because you can't exactly look up past sets based on colorway.

People need to stop flaming and start giving helpful feedback.

With that said, I do think the set is lacking direction. If you wanted mint chip, potentially look into making the green/teal more prevalent such as on the alphas. The dominant color right now is pink which does match the other colors presented. As with Owl's posts, if you'd like I'm a part of a discord server of a bunch of people designing sets and putting out colorway and idea concepts (before an official IC is made) that people can give feedback. If you'd like to join you can reach out to me on here and I'll invite you over to the discord. GL with the rest of your design journey!

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Re: [IC] Infinikey Delight (Formerly Strawberry Mint Chip)
« Reply #51 on: Tue, 12 January 2021, 00:46:39 »
I like contrast but I feel like dark color should be more dark grey

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Re: [IC] Infinikey Delight (Formerly Strawberry Mint Chip)
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Besides the lack of IC details people have pointed out, I really like the color scheme.

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Re: [IC] Infinikey Delight (Formerly Strawberry Mint Chip)
« Reply #53 on: Wed, 24 February 2021, 23:42:19 »

That's where you ****ed up buckaroo