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Poker keyboard pre-order interest

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I have arranged to make a large group order of Poker 60% keyboards.  These will be black with black ABS keys (with white lettering).  The following switches and pricing is as follows:

$90 - MX-Blue
$95 - MX-Brown
$95 - MX-Black
$99 - MX-Red

PBT key sets can also be ordered for $20 a set.  The aluminum case is not yet available for mass order.

I will be charging actual shipping costs FROM MY LOCATION (Columbus, WI) to you.  What that means is that you will pay for the keyboard(s) and then be sent a follow up bill (paypal) for the actual shippings costs.

What colors are the pbt sets available in?

I MIGHT be in for one with blues =]

:) I'll be in for the following:

1 x MX-Brown
1 x MX-Red

Also interested in the PBT key sets!

Thanks iMav for setting this up!

(1) MX Black

placebo guy:
(1) MX Blue

Interested in the PBT key sets too.


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