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Found some old mechanical keyboards today!

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Hello found some old mechanical keyboards today at work that was going to be trash. Once I saw they had mechanical switches I took them all :)
I hope this is okey but I would like to know how much these keyboards are worth.

I found:

- 5x Compaq mx11800 (Cherry mx brown)

- One Dell AT102W never used before and still in plastic (Alps black)

- One Compaq RT101 (Cherry mx green switches?)

All of the keyboard looks like new and I didn't even had to clean them. 

Better picture of Compaq RT101. I have no ide what kind of switches this keyboard has

Selling any of these?

Cool, nice find.


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I dunno: Looks like a "great find" to me.

Given the light use, I'd say some of these are worth selling (Or keeping and using). I have read that the dell ALPS keyboards are much better NIB, so that might sell well.

Can you get a better picture of that green switch'd compaq? I'm very interested in what the switches look like.

The Compaq keyboard has rubber domes. It is most likely a NMB RT6856T. Read more.


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