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I just found this one on Version Tracker, and so far it looks pretty nice. It's only for Mac, and it is great for a couple of reasons. For one, ALL keyboard shortcuts are easy to map, and all native coaca shortcuts work as well. The entire look and actions regarding file types can be modified in the preferences menu.

And it is freeware. I am going to use this as my main editor for a while (with backups in Pages '08), and I'll report back in full geekiness after a few assignments in college.

Unless I'm mistaken (and I don't think that I am since I just visited their website), ForgEdit is not freeware.  It is only free right now since it is in Beta.  The beta licenses are time-expiring...the final version will cost you.

If your prerequisite is free, why not try Smultron?  (or stick with Emacs)  :)

My bad, the listing on Version Tracker said freeware. I like that you can switch the shortcuts around, and I don't think you can do that with Smultron. If the editor turns nout to be good, I'd pay twenty dollars for that feature alone.

You know, the more I use this editor, the more I realized that it would be a total waste of money. The first thing I did was made it look like Emacs, then I switched the shortcuts to Emacs shortcuts, so why would I pay $20 for something I have been using for free for some time now? I downloaded the Gnu Emacs full program a while back I have never had a problem with it, it works the way I like it to, and it is free.

So I guess I can't recommend this one at all.


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