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G84-4100 and G84-4700


I just ordered one of each. This Dell keyboard is nice, but I really need something smaller.

Unlike most of you, however, I do use my 10-key extensively for data entry. Having one that I can tuck out of the way when I'm not using it, however, will be very useful.

And, of course, I'll take it apart and get some nice pictures. I always do that with goodies I buy.

Edit: Oh, here're the links to the products themselves.

Did you receive these items yet?


--- Quote from: iMav ---Did you receive these items yet?
--- End quote ---

Er. I did quite some time ago, actually. I haven't had much time to be able to do reviews what with friends asking me to go drinking with them constantly as well as the pressures of work. Rest assured, I'll get off my lazy bum and do it at the first opportunity I can!

Review posted!

Cherry G84-4100 Keyboard Review


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