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What's your Enter Key Preference? Big or Ansi or Iso?

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So will all the different key layouts there have been in the past, it really came down to 3 choices for your enter key.  Which is your favorite and why?

I'm used to the Ansi style since I started typing with a Model M, but really do like the Keytronic larger enter, except when I miss the larger backspace.

Bifg > ISO > ANSI

Literally xD .

ANSI. The others are needless space wasters. My pinky stays on row3 when I hit Return; I don't need the key to extend to row2. That's just retarded.

Focus layout: Big enter, 2U backspace, and smaller right shift to make room for \ next to it.

1-1.5u key in a thumb cluster ~_^


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