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GMK Max Neon: Doing better for all my supporters
Geekhack Community, I'm Edwyn and GMK Max Neon is my follow up keyset to the cancelled 95NEON. Mistakes were made on my front on my previous
set. I won't go into details here but you can read about the mistakes I made and my apology here:

I was humbled by all the people that reached out to me through reddit and discord following the cancellation telling me they really liked my set
and how they could still get it. Thus in the past week my goal was to design a new set that could both meet their expectations while also removing
elements that could be deemed other people's IP.

Changes made:
1. The signature gradient element from the previous inspiration is gone
2. Alphas are now darker
3. Signature volt color has been changed. This new green was crowdsourced and voted by my discord community. It is duller but it works because
the alphas are darker
4. Novelties with a direct sneaker association are removed. Remaining novelties I hope are ambiguous enough that they could be associated
with multiple inspirations

* GMK Max Neon Inspiration

The inspiration for this set is all things green and grey, the feeling of technology and future that these colors evoke, ninjas, all past IC
suggestions on how I could improve on the set and most importantly feedback I got this past week from my community (they helped by voting on most
significant decisions)

The tentpole novelty has been changed to “武”. This word is originally Chinese and is used in other asian languages as well and it means “warrior”. I have
chosen this character to honor all my supporters and anybody else that is fighting for this set to be made.

Although this character has been used in other places I have designed the font to better fit the future aesthetic of the set while also better
maintaining the original Chinese character strokes and proportions than similar renditions of this character.

* GMK Max Neon Colors

Dark Grey: GMK N9
Light Grey: RAL 7011
Green: Pantone 2290 C

* GMK Max Neon Kits

The base kit should cover most people's needs (includes ISO UK support). I also added a 6.25u accent spacebar this
time around so no need to buy the spacebar set just for it

武 Novelty in honour of all the neon warrior supporters!

To cover any other spacebar needs you might have

* GMK Max Neon Renders

Paragon by Artemis                                                                                                                              

Paragon by Artemis                                                                                                                              

Paragon by Artemis                                                                                                                              

Koyu by Rama Works                                                                                                                              

Koyu by Rama Works                                                                                                                              

* GMK Max Neon Desk Mats

* GMK Max Neon Vendors

* GMK Max Neon Collaborations   

* GMK Max Neon To DoMore renders
Desk Mats
Finalize kits
Annouce Vendors
Get Quotes from GMK
Announce Collaborations
Collab Designs

* GMK Max Neon Thank You

Supporters: The Neon Warriors that not only gave me the encouragement to make this set happen but also helped vote on design choices:
Caconym, roaK, Tenor Madness, Jese, 1999MapleSyrub, Oversized Shady, miggy, boku, flipm0de, MangoPineapple, omane and many many more
Renders: Nathan for Kits
Special Thanks: All previous vendors for being supportive and understanding

Add This to Your Signature to Help Support GMK Max Neon!

--- Code: ---[url=][img width=320 height=120][/img][/url]
--- End code ---

* Contact
/u/edwyn on Reddit
wyn#6723 on Discord
Join my new discord server for updates on GMK Max Neon, other keycap sets I am working on and other design/art projects I am working on (art/toy is next)

First publish

Well this is brave

this looks familiar, can't put my finger on it.

Good luck bro

i fail to see the difference


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