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[GB] DCS Alps White on Black (WoB) - Extras are live!

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DCS Alps WoB extras are now live!
DCS Alps White on Black Doubleshot ABS keycaps manufactured by Signature Plastics

Kitting Offering 7 kits - Base, Numpad, Spacebar, 40's, ISO, Macros, Relegendables

General InformationKeycaps are doubleshot ABS plastic, white (WFK) on black (NN), produced by Signature Plastics (SP). Profile is DCS 1-1-2-3-4-4.
Switch mounts are Alps, stabilizer mounts are MX. GB will run August 31 to September 30 with estimated fulfillment Q3 2023.
MOQs are: Base (200), Numpad (50), Spacebar (75), 40's (50), ISO (25), Macros (50), Relegendables (75)

Disclaimer: by design, Alps keycap stems are more fragile than MX stems. Please carefully remove keycaps with a wire puller, don't yank them at an angle! Vendors are not responsible for broken stems.

                                            Base          Numpad         Spacebars         40's         ISO          Macros         Relegendables Bear Cables (US) $120 $40 $25 $35 $25 $20 $35 Prototypist (UK) 120 40 25 35 25 20 35 (all prices incl. VAT) Daily Clack (AUS) A$194 A$65 A$40 A$56 A$40 A$32 A$56 ZFrontier (CN) 919  299 189 259 189 149 259 MyKeyboard (EU) 144.99 48.00 30.00 42.00 30.00 23.99 42.00 (all prices incl. VAT)

Exclusive NOS Alps Switches & Plates Bear Cables (ships worldwide, except UK) will be offering new-old-stock (NOS) Alps SKCM White and forged carbon fiber plates.

SKCM White are a medium-weight, clicky switch that can be made linear by simply removing the click leaf, if desired. Unfortunately, quantities of SKCM White are limited, and will be sold FCFS.
Switch quantities offered are 70x ($99.99), 90x ($124.99), and 110x ($149.99).

Plates offered will all be approximately 1.1mm thick and made of forged carbon fiber.
Four designs will be offered - 60% (gummy o-ring & tray mount), Jane V1, Jane V2, and Jane V2 CE, priced at $29.99 for the 60% and $39.99 for the TKL plates.
These four designs will be compatible with dozens of different boards. Plate files will be released sometime after GB.

Board RendersLSET by Laur
SP-111 by BlindAssassin111
OGR by Alchemist Keyboards

Updates Updates will be posted on GeekHack and Discord.
Join my Discord here!
Special thanks to Laur#9706 for the renders :)


Just a small update for the few folks that got ISO kits: the legend on ISO enter will be placed towards the top of the keycap, as it is on other DCS sets, not in the center like our renders show it

Quick update: all vendors are now live, with finalized pricing in the OP

Thanks for all the support thus far!


I'm hoping this makes it. I have an upcoming Frog TKL with Alps that this set would look great on.  :thumb:

I have to wait until the last day to get into the group buy, though.


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