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[GB] DCS Alps White on Black (WoB) - Extras are live!

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Prototypist started selling their extras on Friday.


There was a mistake in the 40's kit: the 1.25u, 1.5u, and 1.75u Enter keys were supposed to be R3, but were made as R4. These are being remade and replacements will be shipped out to those that bought 40's kits. No ETA on replacements as of now.

Sorry about that.

These will automatically be shipped?

DCS Alps WoB extras are now live! All keycap kits are available in varying quantities, and some 60% and Jane v2 ME/CE plates are available too. No extra switches, sorry.

Bear Cables sent out all replacement 40's kits earlier this week. I am not sure what the status is for other vendors, so it would be best to contact your vendor directly on that.

Bought some extras from Bear Cables and am typing on them right now.  I wanted a numpad but that set was out of stock sadly.  Any ideas where I can find one?  Searching the second hand market has produced no results so far.


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