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[IC] a hand-held keyboard: keys at your finger tips, no chords

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Here an update. We have uploaded 2 movies using an early (hardware) version of the device. The first movie is showing, here and there in slow motion, how the logic works. And shows a little bit of the mouse function too.
The second is doing MonkeyType. One of the main drawbacks of this hardware version, with 3 separate keys per finger, is that very easily one finger hits another key by accident.
Though it may be difficult to track: it is querty, without chords!
Haptic feedback is not in yet. And still hard at work to further improve the hand tracking algorithms.

Further: hands truly vertical, elbows truly behind the back;-)

So, what do you think?

Cool stuff! Love to see the progress.
How did you switch from mouse to keyboard mode?

Hey, thanks. I feel like the first man on the moon with this, however hoping to be more relevant than that.
About switching between mouse mode and keyboard mode: by clicking a thumb button you can move the cursor. When releasing it, it remains in mouse mode to click LMouse, RMouse. Going back to keyboard mode is currently a workaround: a combination of the mouse key with another key (here a pinky key). The thumb buttons are not well enough positioned in this proto to easily use 3 keys next to each other. For that reason, only 'mouse mode' and 'space' are assigned.
There are many other idea's in our heads to do it, considering that we track hand moves, key presses, taps and combinations of these. We haven't made up our mind yet, but I am sure it will be a 'thumb only' action.

As a late response to Dvorcol's comments about the Kailh Low Profile V2 key: after some testing I can only say that he was correct.
The V2 with the Cherry interface has less play than the V1. However still more than the Cherry Low Profile (see attached movies).
Second main parameter is the friction of the material. Here we saw that the Kailh V2 had high friction. Actually all 'heavy' Kailh keys we measured had high friction.
The 'light' Kailh LP keys (35gr) had low friction, similar to the Cherry LP. Cherry's were lubed out of the box, which diffuses the ranking a bit.
How much difference does it exactly make? (Is this always the case with new Cherry's?)
Likely we will switch to Cherry, though pity they are a bit heavier. Does anybody know how to acquire Cherry LP springs?


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