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[IC] AKB Vero v2 with Topre support - GB will run from 5th of April

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Introduction on Vero from AKB:The genesis for what would later become Vero started in mid-2021, when my friend asked me how I felt about designing a 60% but with a fixed (true) HHKB layout, especially given that there weren’t many MX customs offering that at the time.
After chipping away at it for a few weeks and months in my spare time it started to come together more, but it wasn’t until Antipode’s inception that things really started to move forward.
Final details were decided, the name was chosen and OCM created the weight engraving of a sweet pea flower to add the proverbial cherry on top.
The name means “true” in Italian, and after researching deep into cultural symbolism that would reflect the name I discovered that generations ago in French and Italian superstition the flower would be worn as a sign of truth and persistence.
It was a tenuous link to humor myself if nothing else.
The Vero was sold in-stock through Antipode in November 2022 and due to the glowing feedback from customers, AP and I both decided the project resonated too strongly to just move on from.
 Further experience and a few tweaks later and I firmly believe this board now is the best it possibly can be and fully reflects the original vision I had hoped for.
Changes from V1:Mounting changed from top mount to sock gasket mount.
Type feel is very similar due to the firm gaskets but plate vibration is now more carefully controlled.
The weight fits in from above rather than from below.
This is so an internal lip can be added around the whole weight to conceal the horizontal clearance between the bottom case and the weight.
Polycarbonate version introduced.Because the front height was so low the material was very thin and less stable on the PC board compared to the aluminium version.
This version has an additional screw at the front of the case to remove the additional vibration caused and to provide extra stability to the entire front assembly.
For an EC build, this version will require a KLC stabiliser wire for the spacebar.
EC part clearance added on both versions.Gotta support our homie Cipulot.
Externally the design remains unchanged.

Specs & Features:6.9 degree typing angle
Clean seamless construction
16.5mm front height (16mm at front of bezel)
Estimated weight: 1.5kg (built)
Layout inspired by the original HHKB layout
6063 Aluminium top/bottom case
Engraved weight, materials TBD
Top-mounted daughterboard for easier assembly
QMK/VIA compatible PCB by Martin
Option for EC kit, designed by Cipulot
Further options and colourways TBD

Plate & PCB compatibility:

Default MX plate compatibility
Default EC plate compatibility
Full MX PCB compatibility
Full EC PCB compatibility
V1 Prototype Photos:




FnF Green


V2 Prototype Photos:


Current sale plans:
Antipode exclusive in-stock or GB sale(method not decided yet, it depends on feedback from the IC form), 100-150 planned units, estimated price $400-450 as GB, further details TBD

Special thanks from AKB and Antipode:
ilikerustoo, for being the reason why this was designed to begin with.
Cipulot, for his stellar work on the EC kit.
OCM, for his lovely engraving design and being an all-round MVP in this community.
All V1 buyers, for their support in the first sale, and for making a V2 a possibility.


Let’s go!

great to hear this, GLWIC!

Yes! This board is so sleek. I need the EC Vero on my desk pronto

Still love the r1 version of this to this day. Gorgeous board, gl to all that go for r2


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