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[6/23 price up] My First Group Buy collecting advise/interest

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I am now going to set up a kind of group this time to see if I can work it out. Basically, price is opened to everybody, since you can always check on TaoBao, it would not be much space for that. So, for buying keyboard, what you can save instead of biding individually from my eBay, is about 5 dollar shipping and the 5% eBay fee cost. But if you buying non-keyboard item, you do save more on shipping.    

1. I accept all kind of orders, any brand of keyboard,caps/case/even mouse/mouse pad.....whatever is legally can be shipped I would take it if you accept the price :P

2. Target to at least 8 keyboard. You can order small/light item without order keyboard.

3. Now the shipping price is here:

-----For any order up to 1.5KG weight (one keyboard weight about 1.1-1.3 KG), shipping would be 14(west)/15(east) dollars, than one additional pound would be 1 dollar no matter what order you put into it(keyboard count 3 pound, key-caps 2 for one pound).

-----For order only key-caps/mouse pad/mouse--- 5 dollar first, than 1 dollar for each addition item (small light item).  

Detail about shipping: The shipping from my city(GuangZhou China) to LA would be 5/dollar per KG(if it over 1 KG, it count 1.5 KG, but we are combining the shipping to reduce cost)  , and FedEx smart would charge about 8-10 dollar for devilry. One keyboard weight about 1-1.5 KG.

Shipping to Non-U.S address would depend on the location. Now U.K would consider one dollar extra to U.S (buyer pay VAT if there is). Other EU county, AU, Canada would be up later.

4. Because one official KBC poker order was opened so I would not take order for this keyboard.  

5. Targeting order taking deadline is 7/5 and shipping on 7/9, arrived U.S on 7/13, then delivery through FedEx smart/home(2-3 days)  

The time is a little bit long since it is the peak time during holiday, I won't rush into it. Well, if I can get a set on 6/28 order by 6/28, than it might be shipped on 6/30 and get U.S on 7/3 but FedEx might be moving slow on that week due to my experiences by ordering my cloth inside U.S    

6. First step I would collect interest, price would be given if I check it is in stock. I would also update some Price list. I think two post would be made, one for interest and price asking, one for taking order. If you see the your interest item already there please do not ask the same item.

7. All interest should be open post. So, we can count.
I am very happy to hear any advises, please let me know if you have any suggestion. I might ship on this rate almost every week during this season. (well, everything go with my clothing so it would also less chance to broken.)

Place order please go here:

Revise for Update for product list.

Note: Just price up, does NOT mean I can 100% get  it, few items may depend on how much we order.

For individual order, the price +5~10% (non eBay), or check my eBay if you think you need it on eBay. (I would like to pay the eBay fee if it make me see item and buyer would take the price). Shipping For individual order is 20-22 dollar to U.S, 22-24 U.K. Other countries please ask for price.  

Group shipping price see above post.

[7/1] Good News, Noppoo mini Red Switches Confirm today! Price now is 95 dollar, Order can be placed now. Also, PLU87 Red Switches arrived 70 dollars! PLU G-3000 NKRO Red arrived. 100 dollars

[6/30] Add colorful Space blank, 2.5 dollar/ one.  Refer to 4 color.

[6/30]Add price to following upon buyer request:

hotwire mouse bungee white--------11 dollars

ikari laser mouse teflon 0.18mm feet (hotwire brand)-----3 dollar (shipping free with other order)

[6/29] Ducky price up, more caps on the way.

6/29  Price up for key-caps. Note: I would post up a link for key caps pictures for clear condition later on. Typically for color and shape and how to pick mix-color.   Free shipping mean ship with and keyboard, otherwise 5 dollar shipping might apply.

More keycaps option would up date later.

Provide this link for some caps picture, more is coming

Price up for Realforce 86u and 103u:

Two color, Black/White for 86u and 103u is the same, all 245 dollars.

Price up for PLU 87: Please check if can see clearly.   NOTE: PLU87 pink is per-order, I am not sure if it would be out before the deadline, I would keep eyes on it

[ Attachment Invalid Or Does Not Exist ] 19477[/ATTACH]

Price up for PLU full size:    NOTE: There is one ML-3000 and one ML-3000 NKRO (PLU stated NKRO), price is different.

Next would be filco(NO filco RED, sorry guys). Note: Filico China=Filico Pink, I only have one left right now but it might be possible to order some.

All filco I list is xxxx 2, the new vision. filco wrist rest, key caps would update later.

Noppoo is here. Note: Beside the picture chart: Noppoo Pro  Black with Brown Switches is $102

Update:I would post all I have for this following with price by this Friday(day by day update), ask me only if your brand is not in this list.

Filco, all kind I could get and not offer on Amazon.(Does not mean everyone they made, only mean all I can offer would be post out)
Noppoo, all kinds.
PLU all kinds.
Cherry G80-3000 and 3494(list on ebay right now)
KBC key caps (PBT and ABS)
POM key caps

Some other staff such as single switches, bag, mouse pad/mouse.

Interesting.  What if all the items are shipped to one person and we handle the distribution?

"Interesting. What if all the items are shipped to one person and we handle the distribution?"

That would be much faster, and better for me. But I won't think that would lower the final price anyway. FedEx shipping would start with about 9 dollar and went up slowly, if I ship all to same place, it saves money, but someone must shipped out again, I don't it would save any cost when you added up.

But it is all up to buyer decided.

What I do is all my item would entry my warehouse in LA then I ship it to individual buyer via FedEx. If you like to handle all order, welcome to connect me.

i would be interested in a pink plu 87 red switch if possible. thanks, qtan.


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