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1x plu-87 white with red switches blank keys
1x kbc pbt keycaps white engraved 108 or 104 set (if you have it in stock)
1x ducky short wrist rest

1 x PLU ML-G3000 NKRO with red switches (black model)

1 x Ducky long wrist rest

1 KBC PBT keycaps red whatever size will fit the choc mini
1 Noppoo choc mini with blue switches

1x Filco 104 Black non-printed key caps
1x KBC  "6 color" non-printed keycaps in the purple/lavender color, but I'm not sure which height I need. The picture says there are R1, R2, and R3 heights for those keycaps. I want whichever height will match the Filco key caps.

1 x 4 RED Filco + Blue WASD

1 x KBC PBT engraved white keycaps set


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