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Second Run--- Interest check for Filco group buy, ship to worldwide

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Filco it is kind of hard to deal with.

If I ask them now, they tell one item is in stock, but we place order 1 or 2 week later, it might gone out. They refused to hold it with getting paid because Filco does not have good involuntary management.....  

So I think it would be better work by "biding" way, that is easier way that I can work out. We bid based on the price+shipping I offered. Once you bid the item, I would check if it could be ordered, if yes, I would billed you, once you pay, your item would be hold there for you. By the ending date, let's say 7 days from beginning, closed the order and what we got would be shipped.

Now I would basically stared collecting interest right now and see if we got enough interest to start biding. I would say that 90% item on my list would in stock.

Filco keycaps and wrist rest work the same way.

I got some people ask me about filco these days. Now I contact the Factory, here is a good News

Filco China (pink one ) can be order for all switches except RED. Only 87(tenkeyless) for this color.

Bad News: No any red switches model can be order.

Than, we have to order as least 10 filco keyboard(can be any models add up to 10) to get them in the group buy price or in stock.

Other model have to be check one by one, I would also post up What I got later. Please state like:

Keyboard size:
Keyboard Color
Keyboard switches

I do not care the format, but have to full information, Thanks.

Price now refer to my last price picture but do be ready for about 10% additional, due to the exchange rate and general price change in China (CPI 5%+ last month,omg....).

Ship to worldwide. Shipping cost would depend on model ,some filco like G-king 104 full size wight about 5 lbs....let's say 15-20 dollar to U.S, U.K add 2 dollar, other EU country by DHL about 30 dollar.    

Only check for filco....No others, to hard to get everything group up at once....Shipping time could be whenever we got 10 keyboard and give one week to get them from factory then we are done.

And the caps, I need someone could help me to handle it, I do not have time to collect those group buy like this time. That would start after 7/15....I would post keycaps on my eBay later when I got them restock, I hope you guys can help me bid them on eBay(U.S buyer) so I can get some feedback and they're relatively cheap, so I only need to pay few cents eBay fees.

If you want to add something with keyboard, just add after we got the 10 keyboard, and have to be with keyboard. I would change my eBay shipping later for small staff if you only need a set keycaps go to eBay. And I would get my own website set up, it is done today, just need to upload all my product.

[7/7] Price up for now what could be order (Might rolling up)

Majestouch2 87    Group price                 
White with Brown switches   $160.16
White with Black Switches   $160.16         
Pink with Brown switches   $166.02         
Black with Brown switches   $153.32
Black with Black Switches    $153.32      

Majestouch 1--87 keys   
Black with Blue Switches   150
Gking 2
Black with brown switches   $161.13
Black with Black   switches   $161.13
Majestouch 1--104 keys   
Black with Brown Switches   133
Black with Blue Switches   133
White with Brown Switches   133
White with Black Switches   133

G-king 1G
Black with blue switches   157
Blue with Brown Switches   185 (only 4 in stock limited vision)

Now I have this filco in stock

Filco 87  FKBN87M/EB2 Black Brown swtiches.
Filco 87  FKBN87ML/EW2 white Black Switches
FKBN87ML/EB Black black Switches
FKBN104ML/EB2--G-king-2 Black Black Switches
FKBN104M/EB2  G-king-2 Black Brown Switches

Price up later.

interested in the white tenkeyless :D

Interested in blue cherry tenkeyless, black case

interested in why it says you are from usa


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