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--- Quote from: mohitgarg on Sun, 11 August 2013, 12:55:44 ---Looking very nice and clean, what sort of pricing can we expect?

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We're working on the pricing and will update when we come to a final decision~
Please keep in mind the EVA foam used is very high quality material. It doesn't mean it's going to be ridiculous overpricing but we're trying to price these as fair as possible so please do not worry!
Here are just a few fun facts about EVA foam!
-It's nearly indestructible
-Flexible but always able to retain it's original shape
-VERY Dense and durable.
-Low water absorption and extremely easy to clean

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Sounds great! I can only imagine myself ever needing to store 3-4 sets at a time so the longer lasting the better, don't mind paying for quality.

oh yeah! i need this!

Another fun fact :]
Through testing the display boards Buddha came across some interesting discoveries.

-In most cases, old cherry keycap sets were found to be fake/altered.
     -When storing the old cherry keycaps, the keycaps changed from white to yellow.
     -Upon further investigation it was found that some vendors have added chemicals to old aged keycaps to make them look brand new and thus overpricing them.
     -High quality keycaps including our keycaps (SP, BSP,GMK ) were found to be unaffected by this and proved to be very well made with no alterations or added chemicals.
-Plastidip is compatible with the boards for anyone interested in customization!

Subscribed! Need this!

these looks awesome!


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