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[Group Buy] Polycarbonate Spacebars! [CLOSED]

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We're having a group buy for Polycarbonate Translucent Spacebars! Grab yours for your Tai Hao Sets or for any other set you had in mind!

Payment deadline is October 21,2013 (10/21/13) by 11:59PM PST.

Please take the time to read the following important information regarding this Group Buy!

How to Order
-Please follow this link to access our order form!
-Changes to your order can be made via the form
-We strongly encourage all users to place their order with full commitment.

-This groupbuy will end approximately in 4 weeks on October 11th @ 11:59PM PST
-If you need to make changes to your order, please PM us, Nokcha, or contact us via email at

Ethics and Behavior
-Irrational and rude behavior will result in a ban from the group buy and possibly all future group buys from us.
-Rude behavior includes the following,
     -Unnecessary complaining, ranting, or flaming
     -Advertising your own product or derailing the group buy thread

Fees & Prices
-All prices are fixed and do not follow a price tier.
-The standard Paypal fees(2.9% + $0.30 PER TRANSACTION) will be applied to all invoices.
-Gift payments are strictly not allowed.

-All orders will be shipped via First Class Bubble Mailers.
For Orders of 1 to 5 spacebars
     -CONUS: $2.99
     -International: $7.99
For Orders of 6-10 spacebars
     -CONUS: $3.99
     -International: $8.99
For Orders of 11-15 spacebars
     -CONUS :$4.99
     -International: $9.99

-All orders will be paid via Paypal.
-Invoices will be sent out after the deadline.
-Deadline for payments will be 1 week after group buy deadline.
-Failure to pay on time will result in an automatic cancelled order.

Here are the following options and pricing!

Each spacebar will be a set price of $4.00/ea

You can choose from the following

-Translucent Yellow Spacebar
-Translucent Red Spacebar
-Translucent Blue Spacebar
-Translucent Green Spacebar
-Translucent Orange Spacebar

We'll be uploading previews soon~


Order List
jonathanyu PAID
badwrench PAID
phetto cancelled
HoffmanMyster PAID
Acantha PAID
bianco PAID
jalaj PAID
RabRhee PAID
TheSoulhunter PAID
Toad1677 PAID
pr0ximity PAID
rowdy PAID
mauri PAID
mashby PAID
lcs PAID
ijprest PAID
HendyZone PAID
Turtle PAID
pasph PAID
chtzzrtr PAID
erson PAID
germy PAID
danielucf PAID
moz PAID
V1ral PAID
mr. rampage PAID
LechnerDE PAID
xavierblak PAID
nintheking PAID
Potologue PAID
Kabuks PAID
tmk1207 PAID
Permeability PAID
jrwestcoast PAID
orca416 PAID
codyeatworld cancelled

This is interesting!

Eagerly awaiting pics!

We should be receiving actual samples sometime this week!

They are 6.25x?


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