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Tai Hao sets soon?

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And if you turn the space bar around, you almost certainly wouldn't notice ;)

Just wanted to say I bought a set of black Tai Hao's and put them on my WASD V2 87 barebones today.  Very, very nice keycaps.  I've got a couple sets of original WOB Cherry doubleshots that I'm waiting to get a matching profile space bar for to compare but so far I'm going to have to be very impressed because the quality of the Tai Hao's are outstanding!

Oh yeah, I picked up a Chocobo for my Escape key =)  Not much of a Zelda fan (Triforce) but if you do more Final Fantasy or Metroid you've got my attention.


Dante post pic of the WASD with the Tai Hao caps, I'm waiting on my 104 barebone with greens and got all 5 sets + 6.25 space bars from Tai hao

I'll post pics tomorrow or Thurs.



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