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Input Nirvana:
Wish I was there…I could have taught y'all how to eat pizza.

You guys look like you're getting ready to rumble <so scared!>

I'm collecting other GHers you know and love to Keycon tomorrow (after I teach them how to eat bfast)


--- Quote from: hashbaz on Fri, 11 July 2014, 23:08:21 ---Pizza at Zachary's in Berkeley.  The pineapple and green pepper is amazing. :D

From left bottom up and around: HoffmanMyster, jdcarpe, mkawa, nuclearsandwich, dorkvader, evilhmb, lingj, hashbaz, jwaz.

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--- End quote ---

Such sausagefest :P

dorkvader makes for a handsome head of the table.

gonna have to change my name to "lord_dorkvader" XD

Where da keyboardz at? ^-^

P.S. Bob says hi and have fun!


--- Quote from: infiniti on Sat, 12 July 2014, 02:48:47 ---Where da keyboardz at? ^-^

P.S. Bob says hi and have fun!

--- End quote ---

Not near the pizzas :eek:


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