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--- Quote from: MaNiFeX on Wed, 04 November 2015, 10:54:36 ---My question is about bubbles.  Many new cap makers have little bubbles when they first start out.  I understand pressure is a good way to get rid of this, but as someone who has done traditional metal casting, this seems a little daunting to take on at first.

Can you use a shake table or some sort of non-disruptive agitation to rid yourself of bubbles?  Or is resin not viscous enough.  Thanks guys!

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I think Binge is right. I've tried almost every method to stop it. I'm just gonna have to either get pressure (or vac) or just accept the bubbles.

This only applies to clear resin. If you have bubbles with white resin your problem is just in the way you cast generally (mixing the resin too violently, usually)

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The only time I've used a vac chamber was to remove butane from something that is not legal in all states.   ^-^

How does this work with casting?

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It pulls the bubbles out.

While I appreciate educating people on why certain machines are used please direct people to educational resources about casting instead of telling them how to use their machines.  It's not the intent of this thread to educate people on the process, but to provide information regarding shop equipment and overcoming existing problems with casting. 

If you have not tried casting please refrain from inquiring here about machine aide.  If you have cast and are interested in a solution to a problem please come to this thread already knowing what solutions you may want to employ.  The more experienced casters/manufacturers will provide insight to resources which will illustrate best practice for safety and possibly a resource for purchasing safe parts to use in creating your shop.

Please keep any and all discussion in this thread safe for work.


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