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[GB] UKKeycaps GB#4 (MechSupply #1) - Tai Hao ABS Range + Sunshine & Miami

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This is UKKeycaps' group buy #4 for Tai Hao ABS Range in ISO-UK + ANSI Keys + PBT Sunshine in ISO-UK + ANSI

* Material = ABS or PBT
* Profile = OEM 
* Legends = Doubleshot
* Layout = Full ISO layout w/ ANSI keys. Non-standard layout keys as optional extra
* Colours   
           - ABS: Dolch, Red Alert, Beige Alert, Raindrop, Olivette 
           - PBT: Sunshine, Miami
The keysets will be a full ISO-UK layout with ANSI keys additional, so can be used on either keyboard layout 
Non-standard keys are available in a pack as an optional extra, these packs include: 
* 1x 7u spacebar 
* 1x stepped caps lock (off-centre stem) 
* 1x 1.75u shift
* 2* 1.5u control
* 2* 1.5u Alt
* 3* 1u blank bottom row keys

When/how long?
The group-buy will will end on the 25th of January 2016 at 11:30pm. The lead time will be around 1.5 months, hopefully less. 

How much?

ABS Keyset = 24.50 - multiple keysets available for lower price per set.

PBT Keyset = 36
Shipping is free to UK buyers, shipping to the rest of the world is 6

What is the MOQ / What if MOQ is not reached?
ABS MOQ = 100
PBT = 40
If the GB does not reach MOQ you will be issued a full refund the date the GB ends
How can I get updates on the group-buy??
Follow the UKKeycaps & MechSupply facebook page! Or you could just keep an eye on this thread :D


The group-buy has been extended to end on the 25th of January 2016 and Miami has been added to the PBT options! The MOQ of both buys has also been  lowered! Spread the word and let people know about this GB! - Must end of the 25th of Jan!


The MOQ of the ABS drop has been reduced to 35! I have made the decision to lower the MOQ drastically at a huge upfront cost to myself to ensure MechSupply's first GB goes well!

MOQ for ABS is now 35!

Hey. I'm so tempted to join, but don't wanna risk getting customs. So what is your custom declaration would be? Thanks


--- Quote from: WNovizar on Thu, 21 January 2016, 22:35:06 ---Hey. I'm so tempted to join, but don't wanna risk getting customs. So what is your custom declaration would be? Thanks

--- End quote ---

I can send the item as a gift if you would prefer.

These are currently shown as 'coming soon' on the website - does that mean another batch is on the way?

I really, really want a Sunshine PBT set...


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