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GMK classic Dolch & Cyan mods

- Material = ABS
- Profile = Cherry
- Legends = Doubleshot

All info is on the product page! Feel free to discuss the group-buy here, I'll be popping in and out to answer any questions  :D\

Please vote on any changes you'd like to see in this buy here

Is this Ivan's set?

Nope... These are MechSupply sets :D


--- Quote from: romevi on Tue, 22 March 2016, 15:16:20 ---Is this Ivan's set?

--- End quote ---
To give the answer if the question was "Is this [the same as] Ivan's set":

The Dolch keycaps are very similar and both textless, but there are a few more (and different) ISO keys, mostly catered to ISO UK compability.

The Cyan kit is quite different, it only contains keys with cyan background, and quite a lot more of them. It does miss the cyan numpad enter and the dark background with cyan legends caps from Ivan's Cyan Mod-pack completely though.

EDIT: Correction, actually the cyan pack has none of the mod pack from the Ivan GB with the sole exception of the esc-key, even the white-on-cyan keys does differ in legends. Is this intentional?

Shame about the modifier legend choice :'(


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