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Limited to 100 packs!

Still under the radar of the global mechanical keyboard community, Devlin keycaps are thick, high quality, sought after and can be compared to GMK keycaps in terms of craftsmanship.

These keycaps have never been available before and this supply is limited to 100 packs, get your limited set of novelty and sampler keys in new profiles before you miss out!

This buy includes the following 10 keys:

K Series (Similar to Signature Plastics SA, but thicker)

1x Orange Key with lasered 'Lamda' design
1x Random colour key with lasered 'MechSupply' text

Q Series (Similar to Signature Plastics DSA, but thicker)

1x Green key with doubleshot 'Esc' legend
1x Random colour key with lasered 'MechSupply' text
1x White blank key
1x Cyan blank key
1x Midnight blue blank key
1x Pastel green blank key
1x Random colour blank Blank key

J Series (Similar to Cherry profile)

1x Red key with lasered 'Esc' legend

this is so pointless...I already see 10 goes to waste if I don't purchase any sets in the future.

Just gimme a set...

I thought Devlin keycaps were just a myth, had to buy a pack just to check they aren't :))

I'm in. Really hoping that they can get some modifier molds made so we can do some full sets!

Already got in on this, can't wait! :D


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