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Machining Services / Prototyping / Project Partnership
« on: Thu, 04 November 2021, 15:47:13 »
Hello Geekhack Community,

My name is Scott Pearson, I own Divine Keebs Design Studio and Divine Keebs CNC. We are a new company based out of Peoria, Arizona. We are currently working on bringing our first board to the community via Group Buy hopefully beginning to mid December. The part of the process that our first Project Alpha75 is in, relies on outside capabilities and ordering, so that opens up our machines for other projects in the community. We are currently offering CNC machining services at comparable prices to that of overseas work, basically we are doing everything at cost. We are wanting to build a name and reputation in the community before raising our prices to what we are worth. Even then, because we specialize in Keyboard case manufacturing our prototyping services and prices are going to be way less then other shops here in America for the sole reason that we will already be setup for the jobs that the community is wanting done... But we are currently running a Sharp Sv-2412 Vertical Machining Center, we have a Haas VF2-SS on order but delivery wont be for another 10 - 12 weeks with all the import problems America is having due to COVID. We can also offer Cerakote finishing services if you are looking to have your parts Anodized, we will have to outsource that work... Please email me at or dm me here to receive a quote. You can also contact me on discord, you can join Divine Keebs Discord server by clicking

Get a quote and your prototyping done while our prices are still low, check out some of the parts we've machined below...

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Re: Machining Services / Prototyping / Project Partnership
« Reply #1 on: Wed, 17 November 2021, 00:26:18 »
Awesome to hear, and I hope you're finding good ways to utilize capacity.  Always exciting to see more machining resources popping up.  I'll be rooting for you.

Random question for you- any interest in making a small run of machined caps?  I've got a CNC micro mill that I've been using to generate some prototypes but it's slow going and my output in terms of both quantity and quality is pretty limited by my means.  They've got thin slate inlays but I only need help with the aluminum machining for now.

Of course I've run them through stuff like the Xometry quoting process and a few random job shops but haven't found anybody I'm stoked to work with yet.  Let me know if you think it might be something you'd be interested in.