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Holee mod or Krytox XHT-BDZ

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Anyone compared Holee mod (with 205G0) against Krytox XHT-BDZ ? which one is better ? I am planning to mod newly ordered Durock Piano plate mount stabilizers.

Thanks in advance for suggestions

All stabilizers are awful and will tick eventually or at least will have some sort of a tick, I've read couple of inputs by users about this XHT-DBZ still ticking, I'd go with that Holee mod if you're confident in being successful, maybe mix it with that grease but I'm unfamiliar with that aside for being apparently "the next best thing"..

Normally you lube with the Holee mod to prevent the chances of rattle in other places.

thank you for the replies.

I never done holee mod before. just saw the the videos on youtube.

I first tried BDZ, and it was a very stressful experience especially on the first attempts.  This is with Durock V2 stabilizers.  You test and look, and think, and chase down where you think the stabilizers are rattling adding little bits of lube with a syringe into the spots you think are the culprits.  It's never "perfect" but the ticking time-bomb with BDZ is if you step a little bit over the line and put too much lube in, it will spill out and drag your stabilizer down into a slow/soupy mess.

I did not like the idea of the Holee mod for 2 reasons.  The cloth material of the bandaid I felt would disintegrate in the stabilizer over time as the wire rubs back and forth on it with each keypress.  Also, the grease will seep into the cloth and eventually interact with the bandaid adhesive causing it to fail.

So, I tried the Epsilon mod, and that actually worked ok although it was a real pain to execute.  There was a bit of an initial "break-in" period on the Epsi mod where I had to spam the keys hard, but in the end, it settled into a nice spot.  There was, however one rattle on one side of the spacebar in that keyboard that would rear its ugly head if you spammed it really hard.  This never went away, and I'm running the Epsi mod long-term on one of the keyboards in the house to test longevity.  What I don't like about this mod is I think it slows down the stabilizer a bit, and while in my testing the deskeys film material should do a better job of stopping grease from interacting with the adhesive, the rubbery bits of the deskeys films are not designed for something to rub back and forth over it, and this this rubber layer flakes off if you agressively rub it side to side.

What I ended up using on 3 keyboards so far and it working REALLY well is using UHMW tape 5 mil thickness and applying it the same way you would do the Holee mod (apply only to the top contact surface of the stabilizer insert). . . This tape is typically used on furniture drawers to make them slide easier.  If you use about 1/3-1/2 the amount of lube that Taeha Types used in his stab lubing tutorial, I found the stabilizers all came out consistent, fast, and PERFECT. . . .with very little lube applied. . .

This is what I'm currently doing for all of my future builds.


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