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What Keyboard is that?

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I was watching the old Unix video just for the heck of it. Does anyone know what keyboard Brian Kernighan is using in this video?

My guess is a ICL DRS-20 terminal.


--- Quote from: Findecanor on Fri, 17 September 2021, 09:36:07 ---My guess is a ICL DRS-20 terminal.

--- End quote ---
Thinking along your idea and chain of thought, I also think that it could be HP 2622A terminal as well.

That's a good call on the HP 2622, you can almost make out the silver badge too. Specifically I think the board is the 2622D STD. Take a look from a similar camera angle

The other option is the HP 125 product no. 45500A which was functionally equivalent to the 262x series anyway.

That original video ("The UNIX System: Making Computers More Productive") was shot in 1982, so the years make sense too. The 2622 was released in 78 and the 125 45500a in 81

Source video for those interested -- a super fun watch


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