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Mimicking the G80-3000

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Those old Cherry boards have their fans, and the G80-3000 has inspired a number of modern kits.

One of them, of course, is the fabulous JER-A06, which hasn't GBed recently:

and another is the new NCR80 / NCR-80, a new budget-kit:

These are pretty neat! What are your feelings on them as modern keyboards, and how they compare to the old Cherry ones?

I love old boards and new ones that mimick old ones. Because they were designed in an era designed to last and weren't all disposable cheap plastic, they usually all have a nice unique look/feel to them. Especially when lots of these boards have funky layouts.

Although, some might say that the hollow, plateless Cherry boards were an exception to that rule.

People have said that the G80-style boards felt/sounded like cardboard boxes. I'm not sure how durable they really were - they weren't exactly built like Hall Effect keyboards.

But I see people taking them out of drawers from ancient server centers, and they still work.

That is true, although I still would take them any day over a $5 membrane or razer

I'd love to see an old Cherry G80 some time.  I have a new G80-3000, and even though it's very lightweight and can be flexed pretty easily, it's extremely nice to type on.  The PCB-mounted switches feel lighter than the same ones on a plate-mounted keyboard.


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