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Transition to trackball - how long?

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I purchased a Kensington Slimblade to try out a trackball after using mice since I got one for my IBM 80286
After a day, I'm still better with a mouse, which is no surprise.
My guess is that it's best using the trackball exclusively for a while to really get used to it and then compare mouse vs. trackball.
How long do you recon it will take to get used to it?

That would depend on you, I got an Elecom Huge and it felt natural within a month but even after a bearing upgrade I'm still not as pixel perfect as when using a mouse and it's been ... nearly 11 months :eek:

King Icewind:
It depends on the type of trackball for accuracy. If you want more accuracy try a thumb ball like the MX Ergo or its little brothers. The thumb balls are really easy to transition to from regular mice too.

The MX Ergo is the most comfortable trackball Iíve used next to the Microsoft Explorer Trackball. Ive used the Elecom Huge at work for a couples years now doing CAD/Solidworks and itís worked well. I use an Kensington Expert at home and itís okay: it gets uncomfortable for doing CAD work for long periods of time.

As someone who owns and uses both, it depends on what you do and what kind of experience you desire. I've used mainly the M570 as a web surfing trackball when I'm far away from my computer and last week switched over to an L-Trak as my main mouse with my deathadder on backup for moments in games I feel I have to react quickly and accurately, would have to say that the mouse settings you use play a large part in how much you will like any specific trackball. Looking forward to trying a ploopy as well in time. I gotta say I love stepless wheels for scrolling web pages, and I am looking forward to using the ploopy for gaming as I have found using the fingers for aiming is highly intuitive.

Totally depends.

When I moved to a CST, it took days. When I tried an Elecom Huge, it was never. I sometimes use a Kensington Orbit, and it took a couple days to get used to, but it will never be as comfortable as the CST (it's just too light).


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