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It is an ugly piece of junk but I like it.

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Hello all, I have been a long time lurker on this forum. I don't usually comment much. I like to read what everyone else says. But I did a fun little project yesterday that I thought some of you might find humorous. I got bored yesterday and decided to see if I could build a keyboard out of the spare parts I had laying around here. The PCB is an XD96 (purchased from KPRepublic as an extra. not sure why I bought 2.) The switches are zealios (actually I think they are imitation zeals 'stealios'). There is no top plate so I wanted to use some PCB mount switches which worked great. I think these are durock stabs, lubed with Krytox 206. The bottom "plate" is also an XD96 PCB that is non-functional (because I basically destroyed it by desoldering it too many times). For the standoffs I also used 12 z/stealio switches with the stems cut off. They are soldered into the bottom PCB and then I hot glued them to the top PCB. I was skeptical about whether this would be a good idea but the hot glue made a surprisingly solid bond. The keycaps I also had sitting around for awhile and I can't even remember where they came from. Maybe amazon?

So anyway, it is an ugly little beast but it's surprisingly nice to type on. I thought there would be tons of flex with no plate, but because I added "stand offs" through-out the middle it is a surprisingly solid typing experience. Anyway it was a fun little project on a day off. Peace!

this keycap look very nice bro

to be honest it does not look too bad, especially next to my 3d printed attempts(i do not have photos but believe me those required tons of paint and sanding to be somewhat presentable)

It doesn't look bad. It is 2000 times better then those Anne pro's with Tfue fortnite key-caps.

Agreed - it's not that ugly and good use of spare/broken parts :thumb:


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