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Mouse with macros in memory- not in software

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Guys, is there a mouse that can keep macros in it, not in its software?
So I wouldn't have to have software running to use macros.
In particular, I would like to save string in the macro.

I do not know about mouse firmwares, but some keybaord firmwares can also add mouse events into their macros (stored in the keybaord). E.g.

most of the gaming mice with "onboard memory" will function this way. programming stored in the mouse.
- i have a cm storm recon that works like this. you program via their programming utility, it's written to the mouse, then you can use the mouse on other systems and it retains the programming (NOT being remapped by app on host computer)
- just read through the descriptions, it should say stored in the mouse, or onboard memory, etc...

there is also the "Ploopy" mouse & trackball, which run the same firmware that we use on our keyboards (QMK). they accomplished this by supporting the PMW3360 optical sensor in the keyboard firmware. they also support VIA, an on-the-fly remapping utility for QMK which alleviates the need to reflash the mouse every time you want to change a button.
- if you're familliar with QMK, you can see how exciting this is.
- QMK firmware:

there are also a handful of DIY mouse projects based around the PMW3360 optical sensor if you want to go that route. search around. some are running a less fully featured firmware than the ploopy ones, and i've seen others use arduino programming.

Been down this rabbit hole a few times. I've owned many mice for gaming but when the mmo style mice came out, g600 Logitech; razor naga; Corsair (don't remember its name), the Logitech and corsair have onboard memory. The Corsair is generally more comfortable, but I have stayed with the g600 since I got it. I use it for both gaming and I have one at work as well. The old Logitech software (Logitech gaming software) was better as far as having to run a piece of software to do complete macro's, the new ghub really sucks. My work computer is a linux and this awesome guy wrote software to configure the mice. you have to run it in the background. The nice thing is since its linux you can go as far as to bind a shell script to keys and do any level of advanced macro. My main one is to copy something then have it type the copied text in as if I was using the keyboard, this gets around places I don't have copy and paste ability like the vm console. I have never found any mouse that will save complex macros or even let you configure things like toggle and or repeat for a single key onboard.

If your on a Mac or windows box and use the Logitech software id don't recommend the ghub, the main issue is it seems to honor fields like password fields and won't paste to them. very annoying, wish they would get with a password manager program and work this out. the older Logitech gaming software can still be download and still works and doesn't have this issue. I am not a razor fan in that their software now requires you to log into their web service.

there are a handful with onboard memory (no client app needed)
the main thing other than shape would be how many buttons do you want?

i was looking for something similar and had a cooler master recon mouse. now i'm using the ploopy mouse (the ploopy is fully programmable with QMK)


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