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Yeah.. all of this especially the racist comments... I'll never buy a board from you. Shame, the board looked nice. Hope the designers got something out of it.

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--- Quote from: murpy on Tue, 30 November 2021, 17:57:02 ---the board looks solid

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sure but that's just something OP commissioned, OP himself has worse than nothing to offer here

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For sure, OP is a completely different story here. I won't be supporting him, especially after I saw his behaviour on discord. Myself and several others even warned him about the repercussions after he and his friends lashed out at someone publicly for no reason instead of doing it in private.

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--- Quote from: Gondolindrim on Tue, 30 November 2021, 18:01:00 ---
--- Quote from: max_tz on Tue, 30 November 2021, 16:44:05 ---Hi

        I'm here to make my own statement and will be direct through this. Regarding the images you have seen, yes those are real messages sent by me. My private conversation with Hali, who was my designer, included me showing that I'm unprepared for this project and showing my attitude of immatureness.  The screenshots of me showed a message of myself being racist and I completely will hold myself accountable for what I've done and said. I apologized before and yet I will apologize again as I don't have intentions of harming anyone. I should've been more careful when I said these images and what I type on a public platform. I will postpone Cactus first and I will take a break from the hobby at the moment until I reflect on my own. I will become prepared and make sure to put up a good image on myself and my business. I will also make sure to fix my mistakes and come back and show that I am a prepared and capable runner.
Again, I apologize deeply and hope to have the opportunity to earn your trust in the future.


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I hope you have the guts and the opportunity to realize what you have done and how that impacts people like me, who have been victims of blatant racism and feel disturbed by what was shown there. Even I have not seen the worst of it due to my skin color -- my experiences relate to my nationality -- but it still boils my blood to read what I just did. I say I hope you have guts because it does take guts to realize you are not the nice person you thought you were, and let me tell you a little piece of something.

I'm sorry dude, I really am, but this is not it. You look like you have talent and resolve, but after this kind of thing you are not in a place to "come back and show you are prepared". The things that you have said concerning minorities are not only deeply disturbing, they will haunt you for the rest of your days in this hobby to the point designers will actively avoid you -- not simply because you treated your business partner in a poor way but you show patterns and thoughts I wouldn't imagine coming out of my worst enemy and we, in this community, we don't want them here. Stuff like this gets people in jail, stuff like this gets people killed.

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Yeesh. I did not see the most offensive screenshot before - imgur is blocked at work, so it showed up as a blank message. That's particularly offensive and indefensible, Max. I hope you know this by now, but I want to re-quote and emphasize what Gondolindrim said in hopes of solidifying it in your mind. He has said it better than I could, so I won't add anything to it.


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