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Filco Majestouch 2 Camouflage Tenkyless (CherryMX Black)

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--- Quote from: ripster;520925 ---No really, you should see my post for the simple fix.

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the twisty twist thingy? If thats it I already tried it. It only helps temporarily for me and it would go back to the wobbling state again after some time. But heck I am overall cool with it.

Kamikaze K:

--- Quote from: ripster;520811 ---Thanks for the review.  Added to the Geekhack Mechanical Keyboard Guide.

I wouldn't let my Filco slide.  It has excellent rubber feet compared to those ****ing Chinese clones.
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Maybe Ripster but to be honest, no one wants their keyboard to ever slide!  Metaphorically and literally.... And I ,good sir, thank you for your thanks... though it's not really an in depth review but thought I'd post it up anyway since there doesn't seem to be one for the board.

--- Quote from: pitashen;520922 ---Maybe, maybe not. I have mine wobbles on glass top. But wobbles not when put up the feet. Will probably look into it in more detail when I got some spare time.
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Though initially I had to extend the legs to fix the wobble, what I meant was after some use I flipped the legs back up to the retracted position and turns out that the initial wobble had corrected itself.... hence "magic"!


Ripster, it seems as though everything can be related to your McRip thread or one of the others on your personal boards.

On some boards, wobbling can be remedied by pushing down moderately hard on top of the four corners of the board with equal pressure, making sure to push down directly over the feet that it is resting on.


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