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Review of my "finished" Poker X

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Please note that this was written to make sense for common non-GH people. :D

Very well written and again, I love your photography. :D

Awesome review, and super cool pictures. Will you be writing more reviews?

:] Thank you guys for your support. I will be writing more reviews, hopefully once a week. However, this will probably be my only keyboard review for a while as I do not have the funds to be buying a 2nd one. XD

I might be doing a big in-depth feature about Geekhack though, if I have the time. I hope to have it done this summer. I'm thinking about doing interviews with a few of the most active members on here and maybe a few admins if I have the chance. Geekhack is a real gem on the internet and I would love to see it flourish.

May I ask what camera was used? Those photos are stellar!


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