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Review - Keycool Grey Version 84 - Key PBT Mechanical Keyboard (Red Cherry MX)

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Hey guys, I just got my new keycool keyboard today and I already love it! I got the red cherry mx because this is mostly for gaming. I now realize why they say that my wallet is no longer safe, as I just started contemplating getting more with different sizes and different switches. This is my first mechanical keyboard (and pretty much my first review of anything), so I don't have anything to compare it to except for the rubber domes (which can't even be compared to this).

The board feels sturdy and is heavy enough where it won't slide around but is still portable. I like the red mx because I often feel like I don't press keys hard enough and with this I don't have to worry if it was fully pressed or not. I was going to say that I also don't make many mistakes while typing until I noticed how many mistakes I had already made posting this. To me, it doesn't cause any accidental key presses (I think that mostly applies to people who aren't very experienced typists, I still hunt and peck, but I am pretty precise).

When I first felt the PBT keys, I immediately noticed the texture and thought, "oh no, I already don't like something" but now I kind of like it. It is noticeable, but I don't see how the texture could be a deal-breaker for anyone. I don't think anyone would dislike the texture, it's just different. In fact, the more I type, the more I like it.

It seems like the space key and the left shift key have a different feel when pressed. They feel stiffer and don't go down as fluently as the other keys. That may be because those are some of the biggest keys on the board.

That's it for my opinion,  here's the unboxing!

I was a little dissapointed that there was no case for it, as I saw in other's pics

I would have prefered WASD be blue instead of the arrow keys, but those can be switched, right?

I also noticed that the USB to PS/2 adapter is very loose. The PS/2 connection is fine, but where the USB plugs in is so loose that is sits at an angle in the adapter

I think the color of the keys actually look a lot better in person than they look in the pics on the mechanicalkeyboard site. I didn't think I would like the grey but it actually looks very nice. The blue LEDs look good too, but I don't want to take another picture just for that

Thanks to everyone that helped me pick out the keyboard (I'm sure I'll be back again)!

Questions or requests are welcome! Let me know what you thought of the review!

Wow! The board looks awesome in grey PBT!

Where did you order it? On ebay I only find the white version with PBT caps or the black version with ABS caps...

I ordered the last one in stock from


--- Quote from: BMF96 on Mon, 27 May 2013, 15:06:44 ---I ordered the last one in stock from

--- End quote ---

Ah ok, thanks for your reply!

I thought you had it from an Asian reseller like Qtan. Unfortunately is no option for me because shipping costs are ~50$ to EU  :(

Is there a standard space bar?


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