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KBT Pure Pro (red switches)

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I'm not really understanding what you're trying to show with the pictures but the plate might help.

Jack Karneval:
The Pure Pro case is obviously taller than the Pure Pro case. See how it comes up to the bottom of the keycaps, whereas the Pure leaves a little bit of the actual switch exposed.... it's my assumption that more material > less material

The pure case shown is aluminum. The plastic ones were taller.
I don't have my pure with me to confirm, but I'm pretty sure.

Source: I own a black aluminum pure

My Pure case is definitely taller as well. I thought you were trying to show me a plate Jack.

Jack Karneval:
Nah, I tried to get a decent shot of the regular plastic Pure case..... but all the pics I were finding were of the aluminum one. Oh well, I tried  :p


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