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Really quick review on silicone o-rings


This is just my last tid bit of procrastination before I study for a final (summer classes  :mad:).

My red silicone o-rings (the large and the small) came in today from IMSTO today (finally), and it was time to mess with my keyboards. I have been playing with the o-rings from the WASD test kit, so I've been dying to play with these.

Now I have two boards to test these on: Leopold FC660M and a Poker X with PBT keycaps from Feng. Both of the boards are using mx reds. My goal for the rings were to dampen sound and change the distance in bottoming out/actuation. Both of the rings did the job, but for different boards.

I tried both on both boards and found that the bigger rings did a great job making my Poker PBT caps feel and sound softer and changing the actuation to a desirable amount; however, the small rings changed the feel/sound of the keys on fc660m, but not so much on the actuation. I thought this would be a problem, yet because of the uniqueness of the keycaps on the FC660M it made it really satisfying to type on. I actually discovered this weird phenomenon where the bigger rings didn't do anything for the smaller caps. It significantly raised the keys on the fc660 which actually made it feel really awkward.

The silicone rings felt like nothing at first but after typing for a while, both rings felt nice and soft...not as soft as the rubber rings from WASD, but they were a noticeable satisfying soft. I actually prefer this over the WASD softness which felt more mushy and than the silicone ones.

This is just my review so it is my perspective, but with IMSTO's great price on both the rings, they are definitely worth it. In my opinion, more worth it than WASD o-rings.


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