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[FS] Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition TKL Black


Selling my Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition in black. Keyboard is in mint condition. COVID purchase that Iíve maybe used for an hour or two. Wasnít a fan of the colorway, but never got around to returning it.

All original packaging and accessories included:

* Ctrl/Caps Lock swap kit
* Key cap puller
* 2 key spacer sheets
* various manuals
Asking $225 shipped CONUS ( shipping and PP fees included ).

2023-03-17 Edit: added pic with updated timestamp

2023-08-04 Edit: price change

Approval bump :thumb: (sorry for the late approval, if you wouldn't mind updating the timestamp when you have a chance that would be great)


bump: price change


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