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Vintage Switch Tester (to see if they work, not how they feel)


I'm working with a number of different vintage switches and I want to test if they work before I solder them into a board.  I have a multimeter with alligator clip leads but it's cumbersome to hook the leads up each time to test for connectivity.  I feel like there should be a better "hot swap" solution out there but I'm not working with Cherrys or their clones so the Kaihl hot swap sockets won't work for me.  I tried googling for "switch tester" but all I get for results are acrylic matrices to plop switches into to test key feel.  Hence why I am posting here in the hopes that someone knows the solution to my problem.

The particular switches I am working with are Alps SKCC, Mitsumi Type 1 standard mechanicals, and SMK J-M0404 tall stem uprights.  All I need is a simple tester with a voltage source, a resistor, an LED, and a spot to stick a switch in between them that can accept multiple different footprints.

I used to test by using a 60% pcb for mx. Just line the pins with the pads. Like the spacebar has multiple pads so you can angle the legs against the pads. From there you just activate the switch and check the key tester if it registers.

a multimeter with a continuity function?


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