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Wyse keyboards?

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One of the comments on this page mentions Wyse keyboards:
"If you like the old Soviet Era layout and feel, but want USB and availability:
Take a look at the keyboard that come bundles with the Wyse winterm 1200's:
Micro switch keys, solid feel, proper layout, and a built in PS2 port to stick a mouse in."

Has anyone used a Wyse Winterm keyboard? Are they mechanical? Rebadged/rebranded from another manufacturer?


--- Quote ---We make heavy use of the PgUp, PgDn, Home, End, Ins, Del key cluster
--- End quote ---
Must be a "new age" of coders.  :)

Wow, that Deck keyboard looks awesome.  Prolly rubber membrane... but man does it look cool ;).

Cherry blacks, actually.

OH!  Then I might just have to get one... only $100 for the red one ;).

I've never had a microswitch keyboard yet.  Using a model M, rubber membrane pos', and this HHKpro2.


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