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[WTS] Realforce 103UB w/ Full Chinese Sublegends

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This 103UB is from around 2008 with original full Chinese sublegend keycaps from the Topre factory. Information is scarce but this blog post( from February 2008 discusses the Realforce 103's debut in Taiwan, which came in the form of a small 20 unit group buy direct from Topre. The keyboards came with standard Latin keycaps originally, but Topre also shipped a 47-key replacement Chinese set in both white and black to meet Taiwanese users' demands. As far as I know, the official release of the 103 axed these sublegends in favour of Zhuyin-only ones. It seems that the replacement Chinese keysets were limited to 20 units as well, with a likely 10/10 black/white split. It would also seem that the owner of this particular board had access to the white set too, judging by the num lock keycap with the little mouse icon. This keycap, to my knowledge, was only available as part of the white Chinese set. The keyboard has been used by what I believe to be the original owner until around July last year, so there is some level of shine on the keycaps and spacebar. I will include a replacement black 7U PBT spacebar.

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Err, if anyone has two sets I would like one too :D  :D


el bumpo

Looks like Widebasket has sourced some printed ANSI Realforce sets, however, I'm not seeing white available at the moment. I'd suggest trying to shoot him a message to see if he can source one?


thanks, i've messaged him :)


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