Author Topic: Varmilo EC V2 Switch Review  (Read 3799 times)

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Varmilo EC V2 Switch Review
« on: Sun, 25 October 2020, 12:57:56 »
Hey all,

In taking a bit of a detour from the normal reviews of the 'latest and greatest' in mechanical keyboard switches, or fun drama back-and-forths, this week I bring a review of Varmilo's new EC V2 switches. Take a look to find out if these strange 'electrocapacitive' switches are a great introductory for beginners into the hobby and even if they stack up to some tried and true favorites!

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As always, thank you all for the continued love and support.

- Goat

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Re: Varmilo EC V2 Switch Review
« Reply #1 on: Sun, 25 October 2020, 19:32:26 »
I was very curious about these switches when they first started appearing on their instagram. Awesome review as always.
I can't wait to try out the new Polias with its tactility claim. The Gateron Cap switch doesn't seem to be anywhere, at least I'm having trouble finding it :(
Also, Varmilo offered me to give these switches a review, but for whatever reason I never got sent any. I don't know why, oh well. Cheers.