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Does Mozilla's VPN have value ?


I use Firefox exclusively, and they keep offering the Mozilla VPN for $5 per month.

Would that be a reasonable choice? If somebody is going to be harvesting my info, I trust Mozilla about as much as anyone else.


You're looking at this wrong.
If you you're using it to access region locked content a VPN is great, if you're using it to stop companies selling your data then you're getting scammed. The only company you're (possibly) hiding from is your ISP. Is it worth $5 a month to stop your ISP from tracking you?

VPNs are just the latest bit of BS to be hoisted upon the public.
Think about this, why is there suddenly so many VPNs? Why are they being pushed so hard? Do you honestly think they all have your best interest in mind or is this just a cash grab?

VPN is a scam in most cases.

Corporate use yes, private use no.

Thanks ....

Last I checked Mozilla VPN uses Mullvad behind the scenes. It'd be better going with Mullvad directly imo but maybe Mozilla makes it more streamlined or something.


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