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[GB] DCS Guardian | Live until Sep 8

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DCS Guardian
Live from August 8th to September 8

I suck at writing descriptions, have a neat beige set in DCS profile with Cherry legends lol

Why not Gorton/Wyse legends? idk i didn't think they looked good on this set

Pricing shown in this thread is for the US vendor, regional pricing will be available on the group buy date

Discord link here

Estimated Ship Date: Q3 2023


US -
CA -
MX -
EU -
UK -
CN -


Base Kit - $120

Alt Mods - $45

Space Bars - $20

Novelties - $35

Numpad - $25

10u Spacebar - $7.50

HIBI $45

Keybee $40

Board renders

Quetzal by Pensa73

Shiana SSK by Pensa73

Typ 65+ by Axiom Studios

Dalco 959

Special thanks

To me for the renders
To my dudes in the Katanaxkaji server for the helpful feedback
To Angel for the Novelties
To Aiwanei for the helpful information regarding DCS and SP in general

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Reserved for updates

loved seeing the progress of this project since its inception, good luck Sax :thumb:

Loved the kitting, HIBI and alt mods for a full beige set. Good luck with the Group Buy.

Minecraft Guardian is the only guardian  Rarara!!!! Yayayay Yayayaya Yayaya I love Minecraft


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