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I ruined an entire keyboard... | Alps SKCM White OVERLUBED Sound Test

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I recently ruined an entire keyboard while lubing the switches with Krytox... The result, the Alps SKCM White on my Omnikey 102 are completely over lubed... Here a sound test video SKCM White Stock VS Overlubed. Next time, I will listen Chyros and make a soft clean... If you do lube your alps switches, do it lightly!

Amazing presentation! Sadly it doesn't forgive your crimes. I'm sorry, but we're going to have to execute you : (

Ahaha yeah I know... But it's the third time I disassembly the switches to wipe the residue of lube, and it's still not perfect... I think that a great penalty already :P

With clickies you never lube the leaf. This will result in a muted sound and less tactility.

Yeah, my mistake. I did not lube the leaf, but to much on the stem... result, some of the lube go on the leaf...


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