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First build with TGR Tomo ; Questions and advice <3


So like 2 years ago, I finally decided to start buying some group buys and really build my first custom keyboard. With the last part less than a week away (TGR Tomo) I'm.. kinda stumped as to how certain things work, such as films and lubing and case foam.

The specs are :

Case : TGR Tomo
Switches : Peach Blooms (JWK Linears)
Films : TX (Both 125 and 150)
Keycaps : GMK
Stabilizers : Staebies
Lube : Both 205 and 105

Anyways, some questions!

Tomo has both a top mount and a o ring mount option. I'm leaning towards top mounting because it seems like it is more "full" or like.. solid feeling? I'm not really sure the difference between the two.

Tomo also comes with case foam. Is this something I should add, or do people prefer high quality cases like that without?

I bought both the aluminum and polycarb plate for it. I'm leaning more towards aluminum because I've seen multiple people recommend it with JWK switches. I've also seen people say they prefer PC plates for linears tho. Another thing I thought about was.. would an aluminum plate be more susceptible to electro static bricking?

I also bought both hotswap and solder PCBS, but I think I'd prefer hotswap and maybe I'll change to solder another day when I know more :)

I've seen people say JWK linears benefit greatly from .15mm films, but I've also heard people say peach blooms have a rather tight housing and thus would have no benefit from films, what do you guys think?

What about lube? What lube do I use for the stabs, stems, springs, and everything else? I have no idea where to start on that. At first I was just going to throw 205 lube on everything lmao. Someone told me that there is like a "creamy" and a "clacky" way to lube it (one with 205 only, one with a mix of 205 and 105???)

Sorry for the noob questions, but I'm really excited to get my first build done! :) 

You're asking us a lot of preference based questions.

Since you have a hotswap PCB rebuilding the keyboard won't take a while. I recommend you try both top and o-ring mount with and without foam for each build. The best way of figuring out what you like is to test it yourself and not listening to people on the internet with different tastes and preferences.

Lube is also a very preference based thing but most people stick to the simple formula for linear switches: Krytox 205g0 on the bottom housing and stem, Krytox 105 (oil) for bag lubing springs. You can also use thicker lubes like 205g0 on springs but it has to be manually applied with a brush which is why most people bag lube springs with oil. Just be careful when lubing, 205g0 is a very thick lube and overlubing your switches is pretty easy, you're looking for a thin and even coating with no white bits left over. For stabilizers most people lube the stabilizer housing and stem with 205g0 and then use either 205g0 or something even thicker for the wire; some of them being dielectric grease, Krytox 207, Superlube or Krytox XHT-BDZ. I wouldn't recommend mixing lubes yourself because they will separate over time. Check out TaehaTypes and Blacksimon on Youtube, they have great videos on lubing both switches and stabilizers. Blacksimon also has plenty of in-depth videos for beginner enthusiasts such as yourself, definitely check those out!

As for films it's important to understand when and why we should film. We film switches when the top doesn't sit tightly on the bottom. Try moving the top housing of your switch side to side and up and down to see if there's any movement. If there is, you should film your switches. Having tops that sit tightly on the bottoms results in a nicer sound and less wobble. You don't always want to film, though. If you try filming switches that are already tight they may have trouble closing back or might even break.

Good luck with your build!


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