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Hacking per-key RGB backlighting...


I'm a low-level hacker, comfortable with SPI/I2C I/O under windows. I want to change the way the backlights work. I'm on an Asus Rog Strix laptop, but also have a few USB external keyboards - to begin with, I'm not fussed which one(s) I do first:

Can anyone save me some time by providing I/O addresses or other (native or near-native) programming pointers so I don't have to spend days with an oscilloscope/IDA-Pro to work this out?

My goal is two-fold: I want interesting animations to happen each time I hit a key - specifically - some kind of predictive "explosion" from the key I've hit, which "lands" on the one most likely to be pressed next (I'll write a simple statistics back-end with dictionary to drive this), and - IMPORTANTLY - I want it to flash all keys a bright red when I make obvious mistakes (spelling mostly - like - I type the word "form" when I mean "from" 99% of the time!!)

I did this once before, more than 10 years ago, but that used bleeding edge hardware that's not the same these days.

Thanks for any/all help!!


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