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Hello all, I have the Scorpius M10 and enjoy it, but I've been wondering if there is a similarly clicky keyboard that is wireless?

The only one I've seen is the elusive Filco Majestouch FKBT104M/EB.  Are there any alternatives, preferably available in the US?

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I've not come across a wireless clicky keyboard in search. I think they would simply draw too much power, which is why they are so rare.

I was wondering about this too, I am not a fan of wireless, but at times wires are a bit.. messy. Yeah that Filco Majestouch is the only one i've seen that is wireless also. But, um there is some person by the name of "God Hand" or something like that types 800 strokers a minute, he uses the majestouch,but i am not sure if it is wirless or not. I'll link the youtube video here.


That video is pretty increadable. I'd like to try one of those Filco Majestouch if for nothing else than the sound it makes.

If you want a few more vids of what the majestouch sounds like here ya go quite an interesting and refined sound if ya ask me. ure=user

Shows a screen typing and you can hear what it sounds like.

Same guy as the one above, but instead you can see the keyboard design in the beginning and see him push the button as it appears on the screen.

This last guy you see the entire keyboard in all its clattering glory and the moniter in which he is typing in.

Enjoy :P?



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