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What video games are you currently playing?

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been playing CarX Drift Racing Online recently, im not too competitive but i really just enjoy modifying my car and hosting virtual meetups lol. there is a LOT of customization in the game, like more than some NFS games.


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scam bots found their way to gh  :mad:

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I usually play games where you have to think hard. However, watching my spouse, I became interested in his excitement about World of Tanks. My husband assured me that I, as a driver, would definitely be attracted by the prospect of driving a tank and feeling the adrenaline. And so I decided to play a few battles. Tried it, and it could not tear me away. Now I'm playing on my own account and trying to develop it faster, so I buy rank upgrades. You might be interested in learning more at Already looking forward to playing with my husband. I think it's going to be amazing.

Kathy Rain. Cool, pixel art point & click adventure game.
I like it even better than all Blackwell series.

Been playing High on Life and Spiderman - loving High on Life, completely hilarious and calls you out on things as it called me out for running constantly.


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